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Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Mon Oct 26 23:43:52 PDT 2009

James Robertson wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> I agree.  I use it all the time when checking out a new book for release.
>>    -- Bruce
> I agree as well.  Once I figured out more on how the tool works, I am 
> now using to create well executed custom builds that combine lfs, blfs, 
> and my customizations all in one setup process.  I plan to publish my 
> work once i get it going for lfs 6.5.

Wonderful! I've built LFS four times now, and have a machine which
can boot it, though I don't use that machine. I've wanted to start
in on BLFS, with an eye on using LFS+BLFS as my main system, and
leaving my current distro behind, as it is no longer supported, and
I've had little success in requesting changes from the supplier
of my current distro.

If you get things more or less automated, I'd love to see the
results. Slogging through the book isn't something I enjoy in
and of itself. I've been doing software requirements, design,
implementation, and support for about 20 years, and I'm not
an eager beaver for building my own system. I just want _control_
of my own system, and there doesn't seem any way to do that
other than to build.

Anything to make the process more automated is appreciated!

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