Support DESTDIR in LFS and jhalfs

DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Jul 29 20:22:45 PDT 2010

Guys, based on the previous discussion on lfs-dev, I plan on doing a
custom book for LFS as a sample of what destdir might look like and I
want a custom jhalfs to test it with.  I plan on adding a separate set
of instructions to do DESTDIR installations and I wanted to use
remap="destdir" as opposed to remap="install" in both chapters 6 and 7.
 I'm digging through lfs.xml and I had thought I understood enough to do
what I wanted.  :-)

I effectively need to match on these tests at the end of the userinput
template "The rest of commands"...I think.

      <!-- The rest of commands -->
          <xsl:when test="(../@id='chapter-building-system' or
                           ../@id='chapter-bootscritps') and
                           $usedestdir = 'y' and
                           @remap != 'install'">
            <xsl:if test="(not(../@id='chapter-building-system') or
                          not(../@id='chapter-bootscripts') or
                          $usedestdir = 'n') and
                          @remap != 'destdir'">

That is what I came up with (which doesn't work like I think it should).
 It always ignores <userinput remap="destdir">.  It appears that the @id
guards used to limit the tests to chapter 6 and chapter 7 aren't working
like I think they should.  Any pointers?  I think my logic is correct,
just not the testcase for the chapter.  Attached is a sample (fake, as
in not the real instructions) grub.xml that includes a destdir block
which would be similar to something that would go into chapter 6 of the
POC book.


-- DJ Lucas

PS - Attached jhalfs-destdir-1.patch is the rest of the changes
(configuration parts) which seem to work correctly.

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