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> Mike McCarty wrote:
> > Oh, wait, you posted on alfs-discuss. That's not the appropriate
> > place, you need to be on lfs-support at,
> > not on alfs-discuss at That is reserved for
> > discussing the tool itself, not for how to build LFS.
> Actually, I think he posted in the right place. My impression was that 
> Roelof was merely asking how to restart a previously interrupted build 
> using jhalfs.
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> Matt.
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I think two discusscions are mixed with each other.


On februari I asked a question about resuming.

On March I asked a question about a error I found on a lhalfs build.


The first one is already answered now.

The second that I get file not found error messages on a lhalfs build with a live cd not.

And this topic I asked for the solutioin to this problem not on the resuming part.



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