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Tim Sarbin tim.sarbin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 05:28:00 PST 2010

Yeah, the plan is to take a look at the existing sources for the logic that
pulls the commands out of the book xml so I don't have to re-invent the
wheel. I am going to spend a few days analysing the existing sources before
I create my prototype.

On Mar 7, 2010 11:36 PM, "James Robertson" <jwrober at gmail.com> wrote:

Bruce Dubbs wrote: > Tim Sarbin wrote: > >> So are there no plans to expand
on that project >> ...

We wrote the ALFS SDMS a long time ago in an effort to create a robust
build system following a client/server model.  Bruce is quite correct
that there has been no real development on the base ideas that you have
been reading about.  I personally have not updated any of the doco in a
very long time.  Most folks use the JHALFS toolset (including me).  It
essentially pulls the commands right out of the LFS book and works
fine.  I have tweaked my local copy to work for my custom server build
(I don't use LFS for desktop/laptop).  BLFS is a different animal

At this point I see you having a couple of options.  You can see about
enhancing support for all the required and optional pre-requisites in
the BLFS book in JHALFS or begin to write the components of the ALFS
project SDMS.  I know for sure that ALFS must be able to pull the build
commands right out of the books, no matter what.  No one in their right
mind will want to manually maintain files of commands from the books.
That is one of the things that killed the nALFS project.  The XML DTD
for ALFS is still good, however if you want to use it.

Good luck.


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