Want to contribute

John lfs at jelmail.com
Tue Mar 9 13:49:28 PST 2010

Hi it's interesting to see some discussion on this. I thought I'd drop 
in what I do.

I use jhalfs to build LFS and then use nALFS to build BLFS on top 
because when I started it was practically the only option. I wrote a 
fair number of XML files for nALFS to provide a "glue layer" on top of 
the BLFS sources so that the components gelled together. I wrote XML for 
stuff not in BLFS at all and generally got something together that was 
good enough for my own experimental server. My build gave me LAMP 
server, mail with webmail, LDAP, Samba Windows Domain Server amongst 
other useful stuff along with the glue required to make it all work 

I never felt any of what I did was good enough to warrant sharing with 
anyone and the hassle of maintaining nALFS XML files made me take it no 
further than necessary. I've written various scripts to build an LFS 
system from a "resource CD" that I make that works on any old PC that I 
can boot from a floppy.

However, in recent months I've done very little. I am now running 
servers in OpenVZ containers on a Ubuntu server host which has let me 
shut down my LFS server. I would like to get to the position where I can 
run my desktop environment on an LFS build but I expect that is a very 
very long way off. The availability of tools may bring it a little 
closer so I read your post with interest :)

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