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Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 9 16:15:08 PST 2010

Tim Sarbin wrote:
> John:
> If you want to collaborate with me (even if only to test and give
> suggestions) let me know. You can either email me or message me via Google
> On Mar 9, 2010 5:19 PM, "John" <lfs at jelmail.com> wrote:


> Hi it's interesting to see some discussion on this. I thought I'd drop
> in what I do.
> I use jhalfs to build LFS and then use nALFS to build BLFS on top
> because when I started it was practically the only option. I wrote a
> fair number of XML files for nALFS to provide a "glue layer" on top of


I think this is great. I myself had some interesting challenges getting
jhalfs to run on my machine. I applaud any efforts further to automate
building [B]LFS. May I suggest, as you proceed on to your quest, that
you give at least passing thought to adding hooks for some sort of
package management?

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