ALFS Patches

Tim Sarbin tim.sarbin at
Tue Mar 9 22:26:11 PST 2010

OK I'm getting more familiar with the source and have created several patches 
for ALFS's current jhalfs system:

I'm mainly posting it here because the tracker seems to be pretty dead and I 
wanted to make sure the right people see it. Also note that I do realize that 
my wget fix doesn't include the bottom wget logic, but honestly the whole 
download section needs to be redone to work properly.

I am currently eyeing the usage of $SRC_ARCHIVE. This setting in the menu 
makes little sense. It says the sources are automatically downloaded here, but 
that is not true. It seems the purpose of $SRC_ARCHIVE is really to copy all 
of the downloaded sources to a backup folder. If this is the case, wouldn't it 
make much more sense to have a "Create a backup of downloaded packages" 
boolean, with a sub-entry called "Backup directory"? Currently it literally 
defaults to ($SRC_ARCHIVE), with a very misleading help description. If the 
above patches are OK, I may make much bigger changes to the download logic as 
there are some logical knots in the way things are done right now. It's just 
hard to do since I am juggling multiple patches on SVN in the same area.

Also, would anyone be interested in me adding a new option called "output 
type" with options like "Compile to file system", "Create bootable ISO" (with 
possible ISO sub-options), "Install on local system" (for running on a live 
cd) and such like this?

Any other ideas would be appreciated as well.


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