Want to contribute

Tim Sarbin tim.sarbin at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 08:25:34 PST 2010

Well I had several ideas about the package management system.
Obviously we need to create some kind of standard to allow
communication to and from the build system. Either a daemon
application or a command-line app could be used and passed either the
data directly, a file (which would be xml) that it could load, or
communicate via a local tcp/ip connection or pipe. I'm still not super
familiar with all of LFS's little corners, is there a build system
already coded or is it completely not available right now? If not,
then the hook would need to be added in the automated build system,
like "Use package management" with sub-items to configure how to
communicate with the manager.

With that it would be easy enough to have methods like so:
* OnPackageInstalled
* QueryPackageDependencies
* GetPackageVersion
* GetUpdateablePackages
* etc...

Again we would have to get together on IRC or something and come up
with a robust specification before any implementations can be coded

I have submitted a few patches so I am not doing any more work on the
current alfs build system until I see where those patches go. I am
comfortable with the source enough that I can get it to do what I need
it to do -- but if ALFS is unmaintained and no updates can be commited
I may have to simply fork it to my own version -- but we'll see.

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