ALFS Patches

Thomas Pegg tom.pegg at
Thu Mar 11 19:56:31 PST 2010

Tim Sarbin wrote:
> I have had repeated problems downloading certain packages, mpfr being a 
> big offender. With a better tuned wget it downloads fine every time 
> without needing to re-run make. As far as the other parched goes, it is 
> dealing with the fact that the verbage makes no sense when the source 
> archive has not been set. Honestly the whole source archive setting 
> thing is a bit misleading in the menuconfig. I understand Tue goal of 
> it, but both the menuconfig, and the verbage in the build system seem a 
> bit broken. Run a new alfs build, set it to download sources, but leave 
> source archive at its default setting. let it download a few packages 
> then kill and restart make. the verbage for the packages that have 
> already been downloaded will be broken.

Ok, I now see what you mean for the download message, definitely broken. 
I never noticed as I usually always have SRC_ARCHIVE set. Both that 
patch and your wget patch have been applied, thanks. I'm open to 
suggestions for the SRC_ARCHIVE menu option, as I'm not sure what to 
change with it.


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