Some Basic questions

Rodolfo Perez r-v-r at
Wed Apr 6 07:17:03 PDT 2011

Hi all

Im new to jhalfs and therefore I have some questions, which are, sorry,
I guess . . . very basic. Im trying to build (as a start) a very simple
system with a simple WM. 
I succeed to install lfs (6.8) with jhalfs (svn). I included the
blfs-tools, but now I failed to understand the blfs-tool instructions.

1. Is there a wget-list for the blfs-book? Im living in Africa,
difficult to get access to a fast and cheap internet connection.  

2. I got a bit stacked on "Configuring and parsing the book". Only 1
target can be choosen at once. Meaning, I  choose 1 Packed, type make,
choose another packed, type make etc. Do I have to type make ~300
times ?

3. I tried to install ALSA, which is at the top of the configuration
list. But apparently it needs libxslt . . . which is a part of  "General
libraries". Can I not install the General libraries at once?

3. If I choose a package, which has other dependencies. Are this needed
packages automatically installed?

4. It says later:
When the build scripts are ready to be run, the Makefile can be
created. Be sure that you cd into the "package" directory and run

Meaning I have to type ../ again ~300 times :-)?

Thanks in advance for the answers to the "dummy" questions :-)

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