jhalfs's error log

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Fri Feb 17 01:30:06 PST 2012

Le 17/02/2012 07:37, xinglp a écrit :
> This is the log produced by jhalfs, some errors in it, but it worked
> well when build lfs.
Thanks for the report. I knew that, but the reason is outside
jhalfs. It is in the Makefile of the LFS source:
validxml: tmpdir
         [... look at next line ...]
         $(Q)rm -f appendices/*.script
         $(Q)./aux-file-data.sh $(RENDERTMP)/lfs-full.xml
The rm line above suppresses files, which are referenced
in the book source. So when jhalfs accesses the book sources
to parse the commands scripts, those files are searched too,
and they are not found. Since they are not really needed,
xsltproc issues a warning and not an error.

As a workaround, if you have a working copy of the book
sources, you can comment out the faulty line in the
Makefile and type 'make' from the book sources directory.
Then, when you run jhalfs, use that
working copy, and it should not issue warnings.


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