jhalfs's error log

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 09:14:24 PST 2012

Pierre Labastie wrote:
> Le 17/02/2012 07:37, xinglp a écrit :
>> This is the log produced by jhalfs, some errors in it, but it worked
>> well when build lfs.
> Thanks for the report. I knew that, but the reason is outside
> jhalfs. It is in the Makefile of the LFS source:
> -------
> validxml: tmpdir
>          [...]
>          [... look at next line ...]
>          $(Q)rm -f appendices/*.script
>          $(Q)./aux-file-data.sh $(RENDERTMP)/lfs-full.xml
> ------
> The rm line above suppresses files, which are referenced
> in the book source. So when jhalfs accesses the book sources
> to parse the commands scripts, those files are searched too,
> and they are not found. Since they are not really needed,
> xsltproc issues a warning and not an error.
> As a workaround, if you have a working copy of the book
> sources, you can comment out the faulty line in the
> Makefile and type 'make' from the book sources directory.
> Then, when you run jhalfs, use that
> working copy, and it should not issue warnings.

It is not a faulty line.  It forces the scripts to be put into a form 
usable by the xml.  If there is a change, they won't get incorporated 
into the book without that line.

   -- Bruce

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