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Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at
Fri Feb 24 05:09:51 PST 2012

Le 23/02/2012 23:19, Peter Palmer a écrit :
> Hi,
> here a tiny fist patch (from myself) to fix the SBU report that wasn't
> running (current jhalfs svn and CLFS-1.2). I'm new to lfs/jhalfs
> development so I hope the format and everything is right and usable.
> Schedule of changes:
> 1. Variables needed initailising as perl was tipping over trying to
> substract without that, i.e.:
> INSTALLMB=`perl -e 'printf "%.3f" , ('$DU1MB' - '$DU1MBPREV')';`
> 2. The other change affects the selection of the very first entry of
> the $LOGS directory. In CLFS this was a script that run in fractions
> of a second... SBU is supposed to be based on the compilation time of
> binutils though.
I think both issues are related: if binutils is the first entry in the logs
directory, it gives BASELOG="xxx-binutils". Then the construct:
   if [ "$log" != "$BASELOG" ] ; then
     INSTALL=`perl -e 'print ('$DU1' - '$DU1PREV')';`
avoids to use non initialized DU1PREV.

Of course, in the case of CLFS, the first entry is not binutils
and all gets wrong.
Now, your patch implies that the installed file usage is not printed
for the script preceding binutils, and that grand total is
not updated.

I propose the attached patch.


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