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Peter Palmer peter at
Fri Feb 24 06:46:55 PST 2012

On 24 February 2012 13:13, Pierre Labastie <pierre.labastie at> wrote:
> Le 23/02/2012 23:19, Peter Palmer a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> here a tiny fist patch (from myself) to fix the SBU report that wasn't
>> running (current jhalfs svn and CLFS-1.2). I'm new to lfs/jhalfs
> BTW,
> I have seen that CLFS is now on git. Have you tried
> to replace svn instructions by "equivalent" git ones
> in jhalfs? I do not know much about git, but I know
> rather well jhalfs, so if I may be of some help...

First thanks to Thomas for giving me an early pointer to the problem I

I was just working on another patch but Pierre beat me to it. I don't
bother posting as the only difference is the name for the new variable

I never worked with svn as vcs so I use git locally to work with
jhalfs. I've got one branch that I keep in sync with the svn trunk.
Branching is very easy in git so I create a branch for whatever
project I work on. To get the diff I just run:

git diff master..tool common/

where 'master' is the name of the svn synced branch and 'tool' the
name of my project one. So if I see there is a new release out before
my patch is finished I just commit the changes to my current branch,
then do

git checkout master

this changes all the files in my jhalfs-trunk directory back to the
svn state and run

svn update

Now I can go back (git checkout tool) to my project and merge the
changes from master as needed.

I've got other branches where I track configuration changes, custom
scripts etc. that don't belong into the svn trunk.

The important thing for this szenario is to get a .gitignore file set
up to exclude all .svn directories. This is the line that does that:


(this also ignores .svn folders in subdirectories)

Git has a mode of operation to integrate with svn. This seems to be
the way to go if you have write access to the svn server.

This is short and very readable introduction:



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