bug, but good...

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Mon Feb 27 03:28:17 PST 2012


In jhalfs, there is a supposed guard against the possibility of using
a partially or totally populated $LFS system, unless we ask to
rebuild the Makefile or to clean $LFS:
if [[ "$REBUILD_MAKEFILE" = "n" ]] ; then

   # If $BUILDDIR has subdirectories like tools/ or bin/, stop the run
   # and notify the user about that.
   if [ -d $BUILDDIR/tools -o -d $BUILDDIR/bin ] && [ -z $CLEAN ] ; then
     eval "$no_empty_builddir"
However "no_empty_builddir" is a function (defined in 
so that this guard does nothing. Seems to date back r3087, when jhalfs 
was imported
from experimental.

Actually, I am happy that it does not work. It allows me to restart a 
build after
a failure, just at the point where it failed, after modifying something 
which is not
necessary just Makefile.

So I wanted to ask:
Do we correct the bug, or do we suppress the guard


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