Jhalfs with package management

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Fri Jan 27 08:20:37 PST 2012

Le 26/01/2012 23:02, Matt Burgess a ecrit :
> Thanks very much for the work here. One minor query. This hunk from
> lines 1251-1254 of your patch:
> config  VIMLANG
> -               bool "Install vim-lang package"
> +#              bool "Install vim-lang package"
> +               bool
> Was this for debugging purposes, or is there a problem in jhalfs'
> handling of this config option that this fixes?
Thanks for your interest.

Well, I believed that there were no vim lang package anymore with
vim 7.3 (checked on vim site. the last version of vim-lang is 7.2). This
means that if you tick this option, jhalfs (I mean without the patch)
stops when trying to unpack it, (versions 6.8, 7.0 and current SVN of the
book). That is the reason why I disabled it. If you apply the patch, it
modifies also lfs.xsl, which then does not unpack vim-lang anyway. So I
suppressed the option.

If you want me to re-enable it, let me know, I think it is not a big
change. But it is not just reverting the hunk above.

I take the opportunity to list the other changes I have made:
- Change the minimum versions in func_check_version to reflect
what is in the current book (and correct a bug with libxml
version check, where a minor version of '08'  was taken as octal
and could not be parsed). Also use the 'ldd' trick to check
glibc version. On a todo list: extract those versions automatically
from the book.
- Change the way tests are handled in the generation of the
scriptlets, which allows to simplify slightly the generation,
and to correct a bug, which for example transformed the 'ulimit'
line of gcc tests into 'make -k >> $TEST_LOG 2>&1 || true'...
- Update the blfs tools (lynx, wget, etc) to current versions. On
my todo list, I want to extract them automatically from BLFS rather
than to hardcode them, but for now, I just modified the versions, the
patches and the scriptlets. I know that (almost) nobody (except me) uses
the blfs tools right now, but I plan to improve those. And installing
those tools allows for a much easier start, if you want to build manually
the BLFS book while booted on LFS.
- Other cosmetic changes (like translating some comments of Manual from
Spanish-English to my own French-English:-) )
- I think all the other changes were related to package management.

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