systemd breaks jhalfs

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Jul 16 11:01:18 PDT 2012

I'm afraid the changes I made to lfs have broken alfs.  The instructions 
in the lfs-commands/chapter6/udev-124 are OK, but the master Makefile 
doesn't know how to extract systemd-186.tar.xz

What is created now is:

124-udev:  123-texinfo
    @$(call echo_message, Building)
#  @export BASHBIN=$(SHELL) && $(SHELL) $@ $$PPID &
    @echo "$(nl_)`date`$(nl_)" >logs/$@
    @$(PRT_DU_CR) >>logs/$@
    @source envars && \
    $(crCMDSDIR)/chapter06/$@ >>logs/$@ 2>&1 && \
    $(PRT_DU_CR) >>logs/$@
    @$(call housekeeping)

But we need:

    @$(call touch_timestamp)
    @$(call remove_existing_dirs2,systemd-186.tar.xz)
    @$(call unpack2,systemd-186.tar.xz)
    @$(call get_pkg_root2)
    @echo "export TEST_LOG=$(crTESTLOGDIR)/124-systemd" >> envars && \
    echo "$(nl_)`date`$(nl_)" >test-logs/$@

inserted right after the 4th line.  I'm not sure how jhalfs determines 
this.  It's possible that I can make a change to LFS to make things 
right, but I don't know what is needed.

   -- Bruce

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