Development status of alfs?

Svetoslav Trochev svetoslav.trochev at
Wed Sep 26 15:18:11 PDT 2012


Several months ago I successfully build LFS, Learn quite a bit about
Linux from that experience. I would love to explore more, but manually
building packages over and over again would be waste of valuable time.
I start looking into ALFS, but looks like the project is dormant. I
was wondering why:
1. Is it lack off resources ... I mean developers?
2. Is it because there is better way for example other project that I
am not aware of?
3. Is it because there is no interest into ALFS? How many people are
actually using ALFS or LFS in any capacity, or LFS is becoming
valuable learning tool and then it is time to move to distributions
like Arch, Gentoo or even OpenEmbedded?

Thank you,
Svetoslav Trochev

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