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Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Wed Feb 27 09:38:40 PST 2013

Pierre Labastie wrote:
> Le 27/02/2013 14:31, Pierre Labastie a écrit :
>> Here is a patch for the common/makefile-functions part (change
> Forgot the patch :-[

This is what I came up with.  I like to use a little more white space 
and line things up vertically when there is similar structure.

There is slightly more in LFS Section 9.3 but I don't think we need to 
mention all of that here.

   -- Bruce

--- common/makefile-functions   (revision 3655)
+++ common/makefile-functions   (working copy)
@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@
    echo $(BOLD) The report file $(BLUE)$(1)$(BOLD) has been created ; \
    echo ; \
    echo $(WHITE)Please send the $(BOLD)$(MOUNT_PT)/jhalfs/$(1)$(WHITE) ; \
-  echo file to $(BOLD)manuel at$(WHITE) ; \
+  echo file to $(BOLD)jhalfs-reports at$(WHITE) ; \
    echo ; \
    echo That will help us to keep more accurate SBU and ; \
    echo disk usage values into the book. Thanks. ; \
@@ -206,19 +206,23 @@
    @echo  $(tab_)- Set a password for the root user.
-  @echo  $(tab_)- Edit or create /etc/fstab, /etc/hosts, 
-  @echo  $(tab_)/etc/sysconfig/console, /etc/sysconfig/network,
-  @echo  $(tab_)/etc/sysconfig//network-devices/ifconfig.eth0/ipv4 and
-  @echo  $(tab_)any other configuration file required to suit your needs.
+  @echo  $(tab_)- Edit or create /etc/fstab,
+  @echo  $(tab_)                 /etc/hosts,
+  @echo  $(tab_)                 /etc/sysconfig/clock,
+  @echo  $(tab_)                 /etc/sysconfig/console,
+  @echo  $(tab_)                 /etc/sysconfig/network,
+  @echo  $(tab_)                 /etc/sysconfig/ifconfig.eth0
+  @echo  $(tab_)and any other configuration file required to suit your 
    @echo  $(tab_)- Exit from the chroot.
    @echo  $(tab_)- Set-up the boot loader, except if building CLFS with 
    @echo  $(tab_)You can set-up the host bootloader or the new boot-loader
    @echo  $(tab_)installed on the new system.
+  @echo
    @echo  $(tab_)If the last, you must to mount the virtual 
filesystems, re-enter
    @echo  $(tab_)the chroot and be sure that /dev is populated with the
-  @echo  $(tab_)required devices before configure the boot-loader. When 
+  @echo  $(tab_)required devices before configuring the boot-loader. 
When ready,
    @echo  $(tab_)exit from the chroot and umount the filesystems
    @echo If you are an experienced LFS user, several of those steps can be

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