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Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Wed Feb 27 10:01:41 PST 2013

Pierre Labastie wrote:
> Le 27/02/2013 00:20, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
>> I just noticed that we have an instruction in common/makefile-functions
>> that says:
>> echo $(WHITE)Please send the $(BOLD)$(MOUNT_PT)/jhalfs/$(1)$(WHITE) ; \
>> echo file to $(BOLD)manuel at$(WHITE) ; \
>> We probably need to change that to jhalfs at and set

I changed the name to jhalfs-reports for clarity in my earlier diff. 
Now what we need to do is to write a shell script to mail the reports.

There are some other things we could do.  For instance, tar the logs,
test-logs, and lfs-commands directories and attach those as well as the 

I haven't quite figured out how to handle the mail.  The easiest is to 
create an account on the server and put in a .forward to a real person 
to handle it manually.  I have thought about automating the process, but 
am not sure how to avoid spam reliably.

Another thought is to create a mailman list so posts can be viewed 
directly, similar to the gcc-test results, but again spam is an issue.

Any ideas?

Note too that we need to wait until we finish the transition of 
email/mailman from quantum to higgs.  Hopefully this weekend.

   -- Bruce

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