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Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Mon Jul 22 07:21:37 PDT 2013

Le 22/07/2013 16:00, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
> On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 8:31 AM, Igor Živković
> <contact at igor-zivkovic.from.hr>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Somehow I always forget to edit /etc/resolv.conf after building LFS with
>> jhalfs. Could we mention it with other listed files, please?
> It is mentioned in section 9.3 of the book.  It might be nice to
> mention it in the final
> jhalfs screen also.
> A technique I use is to exit chroot and copy the configuration files
> from the host
> to /mnt/lfs/etc.  This probably is only useful when going from lfs ->
> lfs but other
> useful files include passwd, group, and shadow as well as root's
> .bash_profile and
> .bashrc.  A simple bash script may be helpful here.
> If building ssh in chroot, you may want to copy the sshd keys from the host
> to the new system too.
Another possibility is to use the "custom" possibility of jhalfs. 
Attached is a sample file (to be put in the custom/config directory) for 
network configuration.

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