CLFS stable and jhalfs

William Harrington kb0iic at
Sun Sep 22 13:00:38 PDT 2013

>Seems todo the job.
>Committed at rev 3726.

>BTW, some patch locations seem to be wrong for that version (2.0.0)
>I guess 'dev' should be replaced with '2.0.0' in
>Also the md5sum for iana-etc-2.30-get_fix-1.patch seems to be wrong.


We just tag for release then checkout that tag and then edit the xml
version and patches, and other locations for the version at the web

When downloading for a specific tag of the book, only the commands can be
reliably extracted. I have the XML for the 2.0.0 release, but whoever
released the book before 2.0.0, didn't leave the edited XML around for
users to use. They need to download the source themselves.

Example:   Has all of what is needed.

The only reason the XML is there is because I setup the release, and left
the XML around.

Could probably remove use a branch option when selecting the book version
for CLFS... as using a working copy is best when not using the git

I don't know how the previous devs set it up for releasing, but they
should have included the XML which was used to render the release so
people could use it as a working copy. I can probably setup XML for all of
the previous releases without issue.


William Harrington

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