CLFS xsl update proposal

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at
Thu Feb 13 01:08:29 PST 2014

Le 13/02/2014 05:53, William Harrington a écrit :
> Greetings,
> Finally got around to looking through clfs.xsl and adding support for
> the remap=test so extraction of the commands required for the test
> suites are  properly included with the output using our current xml.
> I followed what was in LFS/lfs.xsl as  guide and changed some of the
> lines and added some lines which are particular to CLFS only. Such as
> isl, cloog, ppl (for older books).  I didn't add an entry for cloog-
> ppl, yet ( only valid for CLFS books up to version 1.2.0):
> +                          not(ancestor::sect1[@id='ch-system-cloog-
> ppl']) and
> I changed to output different wording for the Final system
> test suites for TST_1 when not using the CLFS_BOOK and when using the
> CLFS_BOOK. It is trivial, really not needed, but if too much gets put
> in one line, it looks bad when in the menu portion when selecting the
> testsuite options.
> I think I have done this properly, let me know if you see something
> that is improper.
> [...patch...]
> I tested the various outputs with no testsuites, with only critical
> testsuites in final system and all final system testsuites,m and the
> generated clfs-commands/final-system/* had the proper content.
> This will make life easier as I don't have to edit the generated clfs-
> commands/final-ssytem/* files which always had the test commands
> dumped when they shouldn't have been dumped. Perl would always dump
> and run tests, some others. Now I don' tneed to edit during a build
> when I don't want testsuites ran.
Thanks a lot William,
This is something I wanted to do, but never found time. I'll include it. 
However, could you send the patch as an attachment (privately for not 
cluttering the list)? I think the mailer wraps the lines.


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