Adding to "Cleaning Up'

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at
Fri Jan 10 13:57:06 PST 2014

Le 10/01/2014 00:08, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
> Pierre,
>    In LFS, I want to add an instruction to chapter06/revisedchroot.xml 
> which is actually titled "Cleaning Up".  When I tested jhalfs, 
> 129-revisedchroot is not run in the Makefile, but 
> lfs-commands/chapter06/129-revisedchroot is created.
> The revised 'chroot' command should not be run but the new 'rm' command 
> should be.  I'd like to see a role="noauto" (or equivalent) for 
> <userinput> to skip the chroot command, but also run 129-revisedchroot 
> in the Makefile.
> Would that be hard to do?
>    -- Bruce
I think I could try to do that during the week-end. The easy part is to run
the script in the Makefile. The harder part is to split the script, because
the chroot instruction is needed too (variable CHROOT2 in the Makefile), but
of course should not be run when the script is run. So I think I'll split the
script into 129-1-revisedchroot and 129-2-revisedchroot, use the -1 for
extracting the chroot command and run the -2 in the Makefile. For
discriminating the two strings, I do not think a special role="" attribute is
needed, but I need to be sure that the new command to be run does not contain
"chroot". Is that the case?


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