Adding to "Cleaning Up'

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at
Sun Jan 12 13:45:29 PST 2014

Le 12/01/2014 22:12, Pierre Labastie a écrit :

> Thanks for the patch. I used it for testing. I have adapted jhalfs to include
> everything, which does not have role="nodump", in the Makefile. And the chroot
> commands are extracted to other scriptlets. It seems to work well. Problem:
> what I have done does not work with previous versions, where there are no role
> attributes. I have to think of another strategy, which does not use the role
> attribute. Sorry I did not think about it before. But I have to delay the commit.
> regards
> Pierre
Eventually, I found a hack. I hope I have not broken clfs.

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