jhalfs for merged sysv-systemd

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Fri May 27 05:23:52 PDT 2016

On 27/05/2016 03:01, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Pierre Labastie wrote:
>> On 26/05/2016 21:53, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>> Pierre Labastie wrote:
>>>> I've received a private message from Bruce about the adaptation of 
>>>> jhalfs
>>>> to the upcoming merged sysv-systemd books.
>>>> I think it is better to start a public thread. But I wait for his 
>>>> approval
>>>> for publishing his message.
>>>> I do not have much time today, but I'll try to look at Bruce's patch
>>>> later. But please, to anybody who would like to contribute the 
>>>> code, may I
>>>> suggest you produce patches against the most recent version (r3861 
>>>> fixed
>>>> the hostreqs.xml move problem)?
>>> I have no objection to putting my patch here, but it is broken.  
>>> I'll be
>>> working on it today.  When I come up with a better one I'll post it 
>>> here.
>> The problem is with the VERSION variable in jhalfs. We used to have 
>> only one
>> line with "subtitle" in bookinfo.xml, but now with have two (one for 
>> each
>> revision). And it needs some bash/sed/grep skill to extract only one 
>> version...
>> It is getting late here, and I'll try to work on it tomorrow, unless 
>> you beat
>> me on this.
> Well it is late there tonight, but mid evening for me.  Here is my 
> latest.  I fixed VERSION in two places.
> Tho old version tried to figure out VERSION from bookinfo.xml by 
> running xmllint, but the new version has two different copies if 
> version differentiated bu a revision="sysd|systemd" attribute. The 
> file would need to be run through xsltproc profile.xml process first.  
> The easier way is to just go directly to the original source, 
> general.ent.
> That change needed to be in two files: common/libs/func_book_parser 
> and jhalfs.
> The new process works and I'm testing the build right now.  My first 
> test failed because I had a typo in the book's sources. I'll report 
> back on this only if the test fails.

This will need some testing: currently, I am building the book with the 
sysv merged version. Next, the systemd version, then, old version 
without merged books. But I am confident it should work with little or 
no modification. The patch does not address the selection of packages to 
download. I'll commit when I am done with all of that (depending on the 
level of confidence into the patch, I may create a new branch).


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