[blfs-dev] Mercurial or wget for openjdk?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 20:50:06 PDT 2015

Fernando de Oliveira wrote:

> I have 5 working machines running Gnu/Linux, only this host is not
> running systemd.

That's 4 more than I have.

> LFS and BLFS have separated ticket systems and e-mail lists. This should
> be the same for BLFS and BLFS systemd.

There is way too much overlap for that.  It would lead to duplicate 
effort for too many people.

> Then, I woke up with a surprising complete change of the books, when I
> had been agreed that it would'nt be necessary: packages.ent and
> gnome.ent are born. I wouldn't be against, but why the necessity to do
> it behind all backs? It was a strctural change of the book, not a
> misplaced comma.

I didn't care for that change either.  I completely agree that it was 
too invasive a change without discussion first.

> When the last editor stepped down the systemd book, immediately Douglas
> decided to take over, but wanting to be at the same time at BLFS. What?
> Aren't the whole systemd LFS and systemd BLFS enough?

Yes, but new people have to learn for themselves.

   -- Bruce

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