[blfs-dev] Package Freeze for LFS-7.8

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 12:10:43 PDT 2015

Upstream has finally released util-linux-2.27.  I am building a full LFS 
version now using -j1 for timing data and all Chapter 6 tests.  After 
checking it out, I intend to release lfs-7.8-rc1.  If all goes well, 
that should be later this evening (US Central time - GMT-6).

For BLFS, I have added a set of lfs78_checked and lfs78_built tags.  I 
have also changed the Trac milestones to default to version 7.9.

I would like to institute a slushy package freeze for BLFS.  By that I 
mean that package updates for BLFS should be made with respect to other 
commits with these rules:

1.  Finish updates in Trac marked for 7.8.

2.  If a new upstream package version is released and no package that 
has been marked as lfs78_checked is dependent on that package, then it 
can be updated.  We do need to be careful with this if we want to update 
a package that has other packages depending on it.  Other editors may 
have checked the package and just not updated the tag yet.  Use this 
option with caution.

3.  If we become aware of a critical update to a checked package, then 
we need to discuss it on blfs-dev and get consensus that the package 
should be updated before BLFS-7.8 is released.

4.  When tagging, be sure to remove the gcc tag as that is redundant for 

These rules are not absolute.  We can discuss them and either modify 
them or make exceptions according to circumstances.

   -- Bruce

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