[blfs-dev] File archiver for LXQT

hykwok1 at sina.com hykwok1 at sina.com
Tue Sep 8 02:17:56 PDT 2015

Today, when I was testing my LXQT environment, I found the command "Compress" in the pop-up menu. Then I selected a file and click it but nothing was happened.
With the help from LXQT web site, I knew I had to set a file archiver for the pcmanfm (In the PCManFM file Manager, select Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Archiver integration).

Currently pcmanfm supports the following archivers only:

File-roller (Gnome)
xarchiver (GTK+ 2.x, http://xarchiver.sourceforge.net/)
squeeze (xfce, http://squeeze.xfce.org/)
engrampa (Mate Desktop, https://github.com/mate-desktop/engrampa)
ark (KDE)

In my case, I used xarchiver for testing because it only requires GTK+ 2.x package and it is small.
So, please add xarchiver in the BLFS.

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