[blfs-dev] File archiver for LXQT

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Tue Sep 8 04:20:39 PDT 2015

Em 08-09-2015 06:17, hykwok1 at sina.com escreveu:
> Today, when I was testing my LXQT environment, I found the command "Compress" in the pop-up menu. Then I selected a file and click it but nothing was happened.
> With the help from LXQT web site, I knew I had to set a file archiver for the pcmanfm (In the PCManFM file Manager, select Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Archiver integration).
> Currently pcmanfm supports the following archivers only:
> File-roller (Gnome)
> xarchiver (GTK+ 2.x, http://xarchiver.sourceforge.net/)
> squeeze (xfce, http://squeeze.xfce.org/)
> engrampa (Mate Desktop, https://github.com/mate-desktop/engrampa)
> ark (KDE)
> In my case, I used xarchiver for testing because it only requires GTK+ 2.x package and it is small.
> So, please add xarchiver in the BLFS.

I have tried to use xarchiver instead of file-roller, some years ago,
for exactly the same reasons you gave. ISTR that it doesn't work wit xz,
and it was a enough for rejecting it, because xz is becoming more and
more the most used one.

Was going to disagree with you, but found:


You can download the latest stable 0.5.4 release from sourceforge.net.
Closed a lot of bugs thanks to the work of Frederick Guerin.

You can download the latest stable 0.5.3 release from sourceforge.net.
The changelog is the following:

    Full RAR5 support
    Full XZ, TAR.XZ support
    Full Test/Verify support

Now my question is for the other developers.

I agree with hykwok1. I would like to add


to 7.8. No other one depends on it, so it wouldn't interfere with the
freeze. It would be really good having a package not desktop dependent
for that. Although I only use command line, most users like file
explorers and graphical compressing programs.

It doesn't bring any new dependency. It is CMMI, apparently, but reasons
for adding it are many.

Of course, I will understand and accept if you decide against, based on
the same CMMI argument. PS: arch does some tweaks for xfce and for gtk3,
so, may be it is not just CMMI. I haven't tried to install it recently.

Any objections, please?


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