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On Sun, Sep 13, 2015 at 05:52:36PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I'm trying to build midori-0.5.11 and I do have libzeitgeist-0.3.18
> installed, but I get the message:
> error: Package `zeitgeist-2.0' not found in specified Vala API directories
> or GObject-Introspection GIR directories
> We also list zeitgeist as external in gedit, but no other references to
> libzeitgeist in the book.
> Do we need to update libzeitgeist to zeitgeist_0.9.16 or should we drop
> libzeitgeist from the book?
> zeitgeist_0.9.16 optionally uses telepathy (not in the book) and requires
> python-rdflib (which I haven't tried to find/install).
> Suggestions?
>   -- Bruce
My main suggestion would be to drop it, but that is probably
excessive [ me, I sometimes like excess, and after initially liking
midori it quickly fell out of my builds as its deps increased, and
as it changed enough to make me describe it as 'not useful for me' ].

Google mostly seems to point to us for 'midori zeitgeist', but
'zeitgeist-2.0.pc' found a match at Arch.  The match was for 0.9.15,
with depends: json-glib, telepathy-glib, gtk3, xapian-core [ I assume
you have already installed xapian for kde4 ], and makedepends:
intltool, gobject-introspection, vala, raptor, python2-rdflib,
gnome-common, git - those last two will be because they are
apparently using a git version.

Try https://pypi.python.org/pypi/rdflib?

But : Arch have it depending on a shedload of Python packages.  Is
there any way to disable it in the current version of midori ?  I ask
that because google showed we used to make midori require it until
Armin pointed out there was a switch to disable it.

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