[blfs-dev] dragon [ kde5 ]

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sun Sep 13 18:21:26 PDT 2015

I'm fairly sure that I had dragon working ok on another machine, with
kf5-5.11.0, and then when I tried it with kf5-5.13.0 the 'File Open'
menu defaulted to some weird (professional format?) extension and
did not seem to have options for 'all files' or, critically, '.wmv'.
That made it hard to use, although probably ok for people who use a
file manager.  I think I posted that here, but for the moment I
cannot find the thread to reply to.

Yesterday, I tried it with kf5-5.14.0 and nothing had changed.
Today, I've had to reboot the box (something in my customised
.xinitrc is not right if I specify --wm=kde and kde is kde5, but
it's fine with sddm).  I got as far as registering at kde's
bugzilla, then opened up dragon and went to open a file to confirm
the details : and everything worked, i.e. all files are shown.
Weird.  It's still buggy (tends to hang when trying to open a later
file, but killall is my friend :) but much more usable.

Il Porcupino Nil Sodomy Est! (if you will excuse my latatian)
  aka "The hedgehog song"

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