[blfs-dev] ConsoleKit problems

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 19:35:32 PDT 2015

Ken Moffat wrote:

> But I'm not terribly fussed - from runlevel 3 or sddm I can shutdown
> or reboot once I'm back at the tty [ failing any hacks, on a desktop
> hit reset and then hit the power switch at the appropriate time ],
> and from some sddm greeters, or from my keyboard in X, I can suspend.

Oh, from a personal perspective, I'm quite comfortable doing a log off 
to the command line and then doing whatever is needed.  The issue is 
what users generally expect.  This dbus/ consolkit/ p11-kit and even pam 
stuff isn't necessary for 99% of users, but upstream seems intent on 
making it complicated.

   -- Bruce

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