[blfs-dev] Firefox 40 crash fixes

willie at tuta.io willie at tuta.io
Tue Sep 15 07:07:11 PDT 2015

Following the discussion in august 2015 there are two ways to fix Firefox 40 
from crashing.

The first one creates a config file to disable offmainthreadcomposition for 
all users. Individual users can also set this is in about:config as an 
alternative. To script this after installing firefox:

echo -e "pref(\"general.config.obscure_value\", 
0);\npref(\"general.config.filename\", \"mozilla.cfg\");" > 
echo '//
pref("layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled", false);
' > /usr/lib/firefox-40.0.3/mozilla.cfg

The alternative might be simpler and more elegant for a new BLFS release, 
simply disable system cairo for now, by commenting the relevant rule out in 
#ac_add_options --enable-system-cairo

I'm not sure everyone is experiencing the Firefox crashes. For me, one of the 
two changes above fix all crashes after two weeks of testing.

Thoughts about adding one of these to the book?

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