[blfs-dev] ConsoleKit problems

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 12:32:58 PDT 2015

Ken Moffat wrote:

> Summary: I think we have two related issues here - options to power
> off or reboot when exiting a DE (probably requires PAM), and options
> within sddm.

There are also options for suspend/hibernate, but they require kernel 
support.  I will be updating pm-utils today to document that.

As far as power off and reboot, let me document what I know so far.

Window managers: twm, fluxbox, iceWM, openbox, sawfish
   -- None of these has anything except exit/logoff

Desktop environments:


The only one I've really investigated so far is xfce from startx 
(runlevel 3).  There, the problem is that it needs consolekit and that 
uses pam to start a session from login.  Using that, do NOT use 
ck-launch-session.  It might work without PAM if you DO use 
ck-launch-session, but I can't check that without removing PAM and that 
would be error prone.

I'm not sure if ssh-askpass gets involved here or not.

I will try to test sddm with xfce today and see if I can get that 
working properly.

I will then build lxde and LXQt because they should be fairly quick and 
test them out.  Then I'll tackle kf5/plasma5. Last will be kde4.

Overall, this has been a difficult release cycle.  First we were late 
getting started due to waiting for an upstream release.  Then we are 
running into this complex permissions stuff.  I hope to finish up by the 
first of October.  We should be able to make that.

   -- Bruce

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