[blfs-dev] wicd

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 12:54:43 PDT 2015

I was just helping a user on -support and noticed in wicd we have a note:

Wicd uses ifconfig to activate network connections. ifconfig is provided 
by both the Inetutils and Net-tools packages. The Inetutils package is 
part of LFS, but the ifconfig command is not installed by the LFS 
instructions. If you choose to install the Inetutils version of 
ifconfig, you need to reinstall the package and configure it without the 
--disable-ifconfig switch.

We do NOT have --disable-ifconfig in LFS when we install inetutils.

Checking back, it looks like this note has been there since wicd was 
first added to the book (April, 2012) and looking at LFS, I removed the 
--disable-ifconfig in inetutils (Jan 2014).

I'll on updating this when I test wicd.  If someone beats me to wicd, 
please update this.

   -- Bruce

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