[blfs-dev] ConsoleKit problems

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Wed Sep 16 14:50:26 PDT 2015

On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 02:32:58PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Ken Moffat wrote:
> >Summary: I think we have two related issues here - options to power
> >off or reboot when exiting a DE (probably requires PAM), and options
> >within sddm.
> There are also options for suspend/hibernate, but they require kernel
> support.  I will be updating pm-utils today to document that.

Sure.  I was trying to distinguish problems in a DE from problems in
a DM, and limiting it to poweroff and reboot while I try to confirm
if Fernando agrees that sddm is working.

> As far as power off and reboot, let me document what I know so far.
> Window managers: twm, fluxbox, iceWM, openbox, sawfish
>   -- None of these has anything except exit/logoff
> Desktop environments:
> kde4
> plasma5
> xfce
> lxde
> LXQt
> The only one I've really investigated so far is xfce from startx (runlevel
> 3).  There, the problem is that it needs consolekit and that uses pam to
> start a session from login.  Using that, do NOT use ck-launch-session.  It
> might work without PAM if you DO use ck-launch-session, but I can't check
> that without removing PAM and that would be error prone.

I _suspect_ that PAM is probably required.

> I'm not sure if ssh-askpass gets involved here or not.

Most users will run X on a desktop or laptop and login directly, so
ssh-askpass will not apply in those cases.

> I will try to test sddm with xfce today and see if I can get that working
> properly.

OK, I'll wait to hear your comments.  If you do do not want to use
extra themes, elarun has buttons for suspend (and hibernate),
circles and maldives have box buttons for power and reboot, and maui
has buttons (top right) for power and reboot.

I have no idea how to get kitten pictures for users in maui (see the
jpg in the theme), nor how to change its user images at all, so I
hope that somebody will work that out and put it in the wiki.

> I will then build lxde and LXQt because they should be fairly quick and test
> them out.  Then I'll tackle kf5/plasma5. Last will be kde4.

I've just put my current thoughts on kf5 (particularly, what can be
omitted) and also plasma (what is needed, what has moved to kf5 or
kde applications since the earlier version, how to fix up
plasma.desktop) into the kf5 wiki page.  I was amused to see that
almost nothing in current kde applications seems to have a wiki page,
while the "parent" kde page
http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/wiki/KDE contains rather more than
the book  I have not attempted to play around with numbering in the
wiki, nor to remove things which are old (people building old
versions might still find the info useful).

When plasma is in the book, some of that part of the page can go, and
the rest can be moved to a new plasma page.

> Overall, this has been a difficult release cycle.  First we were late
> getting started due to waiting for an upstream release.  Then we are running
> into this complex permissions stuff.  I hope to finish up by the first of
> October.  We should be able to make that.

The permissions issues have probably existed for some time - we are
getting fuller in our coverage, and I at least am now flagging some
of these and similar issues (e.g. icons) where I might previously
have ignored them.  I think the book is a lot more comprehensive than
it used to be (apart from gnome, obviously).

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