[blfs-dev] ConsoleKit problems

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Wed Sep 16 15:15:07 PDT 2015

Em 16-09-2015 15:40, Ken Moffat escreveu:
> On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 11:45:13AM -0300, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
>> I created a ticket for updating sddm to 0.12.0
> I _thought_ I had already tagged sddm for 7.8, but I've been doing
> the tags in stages (and deferring some things until I'm sure that
> they work, or that whatever other package they allow me to build
> works), and sddm is right at the end of my build.
> Whatever, with my own theme it all works : shutdown, reboot (as you
> told me, the shutdown messages are all on tty7 - upowerd still
> brings up a red FAIL but all is well), and suspend.  I've just
> rechecked all of those.
>> http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/ticket/6941#ticket
>> There, I discuss that contrarily to what i once or twice replied to you,
>> cannot Restart and Shut Down, from a DE session, when using sddm.
> A pedantic question : this is specifically for options in the
> desktop, not in sddm ?

Yes. Now, I believe that with a modification, sddm won't need upowerd in
the bootscript to make the greeting shutdown and reboot work. But I am
so worried with the other problem, that I I always checked that quickly:


    sed -e '/UPOWER_SERVICE)/ s:^://:' \
        -i.orig src/daemon/PowerManager.cpp

> As I said to Bruce, on my recent build of
> xfce they do not work.  On icewm I do not expect them to work.  On
> plasma (kde5) the 'Leave' menu only offers me Log Out and Lock, and
> I see that startkde is NOT running ConsoleKit.

Yes, but you also said, they work, from runlevel 3 starting with
.xinitrc, or my memory is worse than I thought?

>> I think it is related to consolekit, because should be like:

It is: for sddm, there is no such a thing named consolekit.

> Summary: I think we have two related issues here - options to power
> off or reboot when exiting a DE (probably requires PAM), and options
> within sddm.


> I am still inclined to tag sddm, and to move your new ticket for
> sddm-0.12 to '7.9'.

I am almost inclined to: closing that ticket as wontfix and removing
sddm from BLFS. Will explain below.

Before that, Bruce and I tarted discussing xfce, then after a while,
sddm started appearing in the discussion. Part of the discussion is the
beginning of this thread.

> For sddm, I have just rechecked my own scripts (at one time, on
> other boxes, I was playing with pkla files) and apart from creating
> an icewm-session.desktop file so that I have icewm available, and
> fixing up sddm.conf for plasma in /opt, I do nothing which is not
> already in the book for sddm.
> ĸen

First unfortunate thing I discovered today, about six hours ago: sddm
ignores the existence of consolekit. That is the reason that I also

    sed -e 's/eval exec/& ck-launch-session /' \
        -i.orig data/scripts/Xsession

But it doesn't seem to be working. I even reduced the


script to

. /etc/profile
eval exec ck-launch-session "$session"

and cannot understand why it doesn't do the same as .xinitrc does with:

ck-launch-session dbus-launch --exit-with-session "$session".

But the reason that consolekit is no in the software is that the greats
jleclanche and plfiorini consider it deprecated:

 jleclanche commented May 26, 2014

ConsoleKit is very deprecated. Those distros/OSes that do not use
systemd have started moving to logind APIs anyway. Yeah, ubuntu uses logind.

-1 from me. I guess if there is a PR that cleanly adds it, disabled by
default at compile time, that'll become a -0.

This is in issue "Add native ConsoleKit support #173"



Anyway, I did a new modification in the scripts and will try them,
before replying Bruce's post. next time online will do it.

What i understand is that sddm has evolved to be systemd dependent, so,
we should remove it from BLFS.

On the other hand, version 0.12.0 has included support for consolekit2.

Anyways, ate least for 7.8, if we don't solve quickly, it should not appear.

One more thought.

Why this stuff worked for me and suddenly stopped?

Packages related that have benn updated are (IIRC) LinuxPam and D-Bus.
Something definitely changed.


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