[blfs-dev] sddm

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 15:45:09 PDT 2015

I've gotten sddm-0.12 to work with xfce.  The halt/reboot icons come up. 
  I think the major thing I did was install ConsoleKit2-1.0.0.

     sh autogen.sh --prefix=/usr        \
                 --sysconfdir=/etc    \
                 --localstatedir=/var \
                 --enable-udev-acl    \
                 --enable-pam-module  \
                 --enable-polkit      \
                 --with-systemdsystemunitdir=no &&
     make                            &&
     sudo make install

It over over ConsoleKit-0.4.6 without problems.

In /etc/sddm.conf:


In xfce, the logout screen has all options present and enabled.

When sddm first comes up, the session (via ssh) is:

         unix-user = '0'
         realname = 'root'
         seat = 'Seat2'
         session-type = ''
         active = FALSE
         x11-display = ''
         x11-display-device = ''
         display-device = ''
         remote-host-name = ''
         is-local = TRUE
         on-since = '2015-09-17T22:27:23.689851Z'
         login-session-id = '4294967295'

After login, I have the same, but everything seems to work.  The 
is-local value seems to be the key.

I also have icewm and openbox and they seem to work OK, but sawfish and 
failsafe do not.  Also the responses to the keyboard/mouse in sddm seem 
a little slow.

Are we OK to update to ConsoleKit2-1.0.0 and go back to testing the rest 
of BLFS?  Other tests needed?

Fernando?  Ken?

   -- Bruce

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