[blfs-dev] no "thunderbuild" dir in thunderbird

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 09:07:35 PDT 2015

Pierre Labastie wrote:
> Hi,
> On the thunderbird page, the book says:
> -------------------
> Alternatively, if you want to install the full Thunderbird development
> environment, run the following command as the |root| user:
> make -C thunderbuild install
> --------------
> But there is no "thunderbuild" dir. Is there another way to install the
> full development environment, or should these sentences be suppressed?

I really don't know, but if the "thunderbuild" dir is no longer there, 
then I think that part of the page should be suppressed.  If someone 
want to do development work, then I'm sure they can figure it out.

   -- Bruce

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