[blfs-dev] lxde

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 10:48:59 PDT 2015

I've move on from xfce to lxde.

All the packages build fine for lxde.

I can launch lxde from sddm, but do not get poweroff, hibernate, etc 
from the logout sequence.

If the book's instructions are followed and ConsoleKit2, PAM, rebuilt 
shadow are done, and lxde is launched form startx, the privileged logoff 
buttons *are* present.

One thing, I omitted ck-launch-session from .xinitrc.  This is because 
the session was initiated at login and lxde inherits the session from 

For this release, I'm not going to try to get the permissions to play 
right from sddm.  I will make a comment about using ck-launch-session in 

   -- Bruce

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