[blfs-dev] Qt4/QtWebkit build

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Mon Sep 21 23:28:52 PDT 2015


The aim of this mail is to share some frustration about Qt4 and Qtwebkit. This
is a big package, so that faillures always happen tens of minute after the
beginning of the build. And I keep getting failures!
Let's try to summarize:
- First, as already noted in another thread, /opt/qt4/bin has to be in $PATH
for building qtwebkit.
- Then, one script in qtwebkit (Tools/qmake/syncqt-4.8) needs QTDIR to be
defined in the environment. Exactly, the script contains (it is written in perl):

die "syncqt: QTDIR not defined" if ! $ENV{"QTDIR"};


my $basedir = $ENV{"QTDIR"};


my %modules = ( # path to module name map
        "QtGui" => "$basedir/src/gui",
        "QtOpenGL" => "$basedir/src/opengl",
        "QtOpenVG" => "$basedir/src/openvg",
        "QtCore" => "$basedir/src/corelib",
So that it seems that QTDIR should point to the top of the QT4 source.

Alas, when setting QTDIR to that, qtwebkit does not build.

- In desperation, I just defined QTDIR to /opt/qt4/bin, and the build of
qtwebkit succeeded, but I got an error in the remaining part of the page: the
instructions after Qtwebkit installation assume that the working directory is
the top of the qt4 source directory, while it is actually the top of the
qtwebkit source.
- I then put the qtwebkit instructions between pushd and popd. But then,
qtwebkit build failed again! I guessed it was because qtwebkit had been
installed in /opt/qt4 at the previous step, and indeed, removing completely
/opt/qt4 allowed (at last) the build to pass.

For now, I'll put the PATH and QTDIR definition before the qtwebkit
instructions, and add pushd/popd to the instructions.

But still, the use of QTdir in qtwebkit build is a mystery. I think this
should be given some care after the release...


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