[blfs-dev] Qt4/QtWebkit build

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 10:12:51 PDT 2015

Pierre Labastie wrote:
> Hi,
> The aim of this mail is to share some frustration about Qt4 and Qtwebkit. This
> is a big package, so that faillures always happen tens of minute after the
> beginning of the build. And I keep getting failures!
> Let's try to summarize:

> - First, as already noted in another thread, /opt/qt4/bin has to be in $PATH
> for building qtwebkit.

I can agree.  My systems inherit that from previous builds, but I 
suspect you are right for a virgin install.

> - Then, one script in qtwebkit (Tools/qmake/syncqt-4.8) needs QTDIR to be
> defined in the environment.

Same thing; the issue is a virgin build.   We have the 
/etc/profile.d/qt4.sh script at the end.

For me, the whole thing takes 12.6 SBU (about 20 minutes), but I do use 
-j10.  However see my attached scripts.   Note that stats must be in 
/usr/src and the make script must be run from the same directory as the 
qt sources.  The actual build is done in /tmp/qt4.

> ---------------
> So that it seems that QTDIR should point to the top of the QT4 source.
> Alas, when setting QTDIR to that, qtwebkit does not build.

No, it needs to be the top of the installed base qt directory:

> - In desperation, I just defined QTDIR to /opt/qt4/bin, and the build of
> qtwebkit succeeded, but I got an error in the remaining part of the page: the
> instructions after Qtwebkit installation assume that the working directory is
> the top of the qt4 source directory, while it is actually the top of the
> qtwebkit source.
> - I then put the qtwebkit instructions between pushd and popd. But then,
> qtwebkit build failed again! I guessed it was because qtwebkit had been
> installed in /opt/qt4 at the previous step, and indeed, removing completely
> /opt/qt4 allowed (at last) the build to pass.
> For now, I'll put the PATH and QTDIR definition before the qtwebkit
> instructions, and add pushd/popd to the instructions.
> But still, the use of QTdir in qtwebkit build is a mystery. I think this
> should be given some care after the release...

We need to get it right before release.  It sounds like we just need to add


just before the `Tools/Scripts/build-webkit` line.

   -- Bruce

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function stats()


  free_now=`df -k /tmp | grep / | sed -e "s/ \{2,\}/ /g" | cut -d" " -f3`

  buildtime=`tail -n1 $log|cut -f1 -d" "`
  sbu=`echo "scale=3; $buildtime / $base_sbu" | bc`

  psizeK=`du -k $tarball | cut -f1`
  psizeM=`echo "scale=3; $psizeK / 1024"   | bc`

  bsizeK=`echo "$free_now - $b4"           | bc`
  bsizeM=`echo "scale=3; $bsizeK / 1024"   | bc`

  echo "SBU=$sbu"                                  | tee -a $log
  echo "$psizeK $tarball size ($psizeM MB)"        | tee -a $log
  echo "$bsizeK kilobytes build size ($bsizeM MB)" | tee -a $log
  (echo -n "md5sum : "; md5sum $tarball)           | tee -a $log
  (echo -n "sha1sum: "; sha1sum $tarball)          | tee -a $log

  echo "`date` $tarball" >> /usr/src/packages-$(lsb_release -r|cut -f2).log

TIMEFMT='%1R Elapsed Time - '
if [ $UID -ne 0 ]; then SUDO='sudo -E'; fi
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source /usr/src/stats

# Installing qt



rm -f  $LOG
sudo rm -rf $BUILDDIR
mkdir  $BUILDDIR
cd     $BUILDDIR

sudo rm -rf /opt/qt-$VERSION

before1=`df -k /opt  | grep / | sed -e "s/ \{2,\}/ /g" | cut -d' ' -f3` 
before2=`df -k /tmp  | grep / | sed -e "s/ \{2,\}/ /g" | cut -d' ' -f3` 

tar -xf $DIR/$PROGRAM.tar.?z* || exit 1

{ time \
    echo Making $TITLE

    export QT4PREFIX=/opt/qt4 &&

    $SUDO mkdir /opt/qt-$VERSION           &&
    $SUDO ln -sfnv qt-$VERSION $QT4PREFIX  &&

    ./configure -prefix $QT4PREFIX       \
                -sysconfdir /etc/xdg     \
                -confirm-license         \
                -opensource              \
                -release                 \
                -dbus-linked             \
                -openssl-linked          \
                -system-sqlite           \
                -plugin-sql-sqlite       \
                -no-phonon               \
                -no-phonon-backend       \
                -no-nis                  \
                -no-webkit               \
                -no-openvg               \
                -nomake demos            \
                -nomake examples         \
                -optimized-qmake && 
                #-qt-sql-sqlite           \
                #-qt-sql-mysql            \
    make -j10                    &&
    $SUDO make install           &&

    $SUDO rm -rf $QT4PREFIX/tests &&

    $SUDO find $QT4PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig \
               -name "*.pc" -exec perl -pi -e "s, -L$PWD/?\S+,,g" {} \; &&

    for file in $QT4PREFIX/lib/libQt*.prl; do
       $SUDO sed -r -e '/^QMAKE_PRL_BUILD_DIR/d'    \
                    -e 's/(QMAKE_PRL_LIBS =).*/\1/' \
                    -i $file
    done &&

    mkdir qtwebkit-2.3.4 &&
    pushd qtwebkit-2.3.4 &&
    tar -xf       $DIR/qtwebkit-2.3.4.tar.gz       &&
    patch -Np1 -i $DIR/qtwebkit-2.3.4-gcc5-1.patch &&
    Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt --no-webkit2 --prefix=$QT4PREFIX --makeargs=-j10 &&
    $SUDO make -C WebKitBuild/Release install &&
    popd &&

    $SUDO install -v -dm755 /usr/share/pixmaps  && 

    $SUDO install -v -Dm644 src/gui/dialogs/images/qtlogo-64.png \
                  /usr/share/pixmaps/qt4logo.png &&
    $SUDO install -v -Dm644 tools/assistant/tools/assistant/images/assistant-128.png \
                  /usr/share/pixmaps/assistant-qt4.png &&
    $SUDO install -v -Dm644 tools/designer/src/designer/images/designer.png \
                  /usr/share/pixmaps/designer-qt4.png &&
    $SUDO install -v -Dm644 tools/linguist/linguist/images/icons/linguist-128-32.png \
                  /usr/share/pixmaps/linguist-qt4.png &&
    $SUDO install -v -Dm644 tools/qdbus/qdbusviewer/images/qdbusviewer-128.png \
                  /usr/share/pixmaps/qdbusviewer-qt4.png &&

    $SUDO install -dm755 /usr/share/applications
} 2>&1 | tee -a $LOG

if [ $PIPESTATUS -ne 0 ]; then exit 1; fi; 
stats $LOG $DIR/$PROGRAM.tar.?z* $before2

echo "`du -k $DIR/$PROGRAM.tar.?z*` size" | tee -a $LOG
after1=`df -k /opt  | grep / | sed -e "s/ \{2,\}/ /g" | cut -d' ' -f3` 
after2=`df -k /tmp  | grep / | sed -e "s/ \{2,\}/ /g" | cut -d" " -f3`

echo "$(($after1-$before1)) kilobytes / install size - $PROGRAM" | tee -a $LOG
echo "$(($after2-$before2)) kilobytes / build size   - $PROGRAM" | tee -a $LOG

exit 0

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