[blfs-dev] Qt4/QtWebkit build

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Tue Sep 22 12:15:14 PDT 2015

On 22/09/2015 19:12, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Pierre Labastie wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The aim of this mail is to share some frustration about Qt4 and Qtwebkit. This
>> is a big package, so that faillures always happen tens of minute after the
>> beginning of the build. And I keep getting failures!
>> Let's try to summarize:
>> - First, as already noted in another thread, /opt/qt4/bin has to be in $PATH
>> for building qtwebkit.
> I can agree.  My systems inherit that from previous builds, but I suspect you
> are right for a virgin install.
>> - Then, one script in qtwebkit (Tools/qmake/syncqt-4.8) needs QTDIR to be
>> defined in the environment.
> Same thing; the issue is a virgin build.   We have the /etc/profile.d/qt4.sh
> script at the end.
> For me, the whole thing takes 12.6 SBU (about 20 minutes), but I do use -j10. 
> However see my attached scripts.   Note that stats must be in /usr/src and the
> make script must be run from the same directory as the qt sources.  The actual
> build is done in /tmp/qt4.
>> ---------------
>> So that it seems that QTDIR should point to the top of the QT4 source.
>> Alas, when setting QTDIR to that, qtwebkit does not build.
> No, it needs to be the top of the installed base qt directory:
> QT4DIR=/opt/qt4
> QTDIR=/opt/qt4
>> - In desperation, I just defined QTDIR to /opt/qt4/bin, and the build of
>> qtwebkit succeeded, but I got an error in the remaining part of the page: the
>> instructions after Qtwebkit installation assume that the working directory is
>> the top of the qt4 source directory, while it is actually the top of the
>> qtwebkit source.
>> - I then put the qtwebkit instructions between pushd and popd. But then,
>> qtwebkit build failed again! I guessed it was because qtwebkit had been
>> installed in /opt/qt4 at the previous step, and indeed, removing completely
>> /opt/qt4 allowed (at last) the build to pass.
>> For now, I'll put the PATH and QTDIR definition before the qtwebkit
>> instructions, and add pushd/popd to the instructions.
>> But still, the use of QTdir in qtwebkit build is a mystery. I think this
>> should be given some care after the release...
> We need to get it right before release.  It sounds like we just need to add
> just before the `Tools/Scripts/build-webkit` line.
>   -- Bruce
Please, read again what I wrote. I do not know much perl, but I can understand
the perl snippets from my first message in this thread:
$basedir is set to $QTDIR, then it is used as the base for various paths,
which do *not* exist in /opt/qt4. Fortunately, setting QTDIR to /opt/qt4 does
not seem to prevent the build.

I have updated the book already, with instructions which allow to build qt4
and qtwebkit (and it seems that everything is going OK so far in the process
of building the remaining KDE4 packages, which I am doing right now,).


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