[blfs-dev] sddm - comments

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Tue Sep 22 15:21:06 PDT 2015

A few comments on the recent changes, and the changes which Fernando

I've now built 0.12, with PAM, on a system which has swap.

The proposed changes:

1. in the bootscript, do not start or stop upower.

I commented out the relevant lines, it works fine with the sed at
'3' below.

2. sed to start session with ConsoleKit2

sed -e 's/eval exec/& ck-launch-session /' \
    -i data/scripts/Xsession

3. sed to start the greeter with upowerd

sed -e '/UPOWER_SERVICE)/ s:^://:' \
    -i.orig src/daemon/PowerManager.cpp

All of those are fine.  With my own theme, everything still works
(login, shutdown, reboot, suspend) and with xfce's Log Out menu I
have options to Log Out, Restart, Shut Down, Suspend, Hibernate.

So, I think all of those changes should be added.

There was one other sed, to ensure that those themes which show a
keyboard flag will get the right flag(s) - I used a variant to force
a British keyboard only, and it gave me the correct flag
(previously, I had an American flag in those themes) -

sed -e '/Xsetup/ a setxkbmap "gb"' \
       -i.orig data/scripts/Xsetup

However, for me, and probably for a _few_ other people, that sed is
disastrous - it forces the default option for {each,the} selected
language.  I happen to use two personal variants of the gb keymaps,
'deader' (more dead keys - greek, comma, stroke, horn, hook) and
'rusphon' (phonetic russian, with some extra cyrillic letters,
mapped to a GB keyboard).

With that sed, I cannot access any of my additions.  So, I rebuilt
without that sed.

That will affect anybody who uses a non-default variation in their
keyboard conf file for X (e.g. Dvorak, perhaps US international [ I'm
not sure which are the defaults) ].

Some other minor comments -

When shutting down, the messages appear on tty7, as previously
noted.  Perhaps we should remark on that, either in the book or the
wiki ?

I also now have my selected icons if I use the maui theme - thanks,

A further comment on the greeter : I did not manage to get it to
display a theme using sddm-greeter --test /path/to/theme, only a
white window.  Perhaps that is an environment problem (you will
recall that I do not use the BLFS scripts to set PATHs etc) and it
isn't important.

Il Porcupino Nil Sodomy Est! (if you will excuse my latatian)
  aka "The hedgehog song"

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