[blfs-dev] BLFS 7.8 Status

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 13:32:38 PDT 2015

Pierre Labastie wrote:

> What's next?
> I've seen that nothing is tagged (or almost nothing) in the lxqt chapter. I
> could start building it, but maybe somebody else is doing that.

I was holding off on that because I haven't created scripts for that 
yet.  Fernando may be doing it, but he is also busy with sddm issues 
that have turned out to be fairly complex.

> Also, there are a few remaining packages in the server and networking
> chapters. I have set up a virtual network (with two VMs), which would allow to
> test them. So maybe it is better if I start with those.

Yes, that would be good.

> Last but not least, there are many GNOME packages, which I am not sure which
> purpose they serve... and I am not sure I would know how to test them.

And we have some new packages there.  Since we are close to releasing we 
may want to continue the freeze for them.  The easiest way is to just do 
them and then consider if we wan tot squeeze in any updates before 

Right now I'm working on kde5.  I will be adding in the new packages for 
that.  I've finished the frameworks and there are only 4 apps.  I will 
be introducing plasma5 too.  I've just downloaded the current 
applications and plasma and there are some new kde4 packages, but I 
think I'll not update any of the kde4 packages you've just tagged.

   -- Bruce

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