[blfs-dev] BLFS 7.8 Status

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Thu Sep 24 18:44:04 PDT 2015

On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 07:23:46PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Ken Moffat wrote:
> >
> >Has anybody *recently* reviewed the runtime gnome packages ?
> >
> >I am thinking about trying to test what I can (I use evince and
> >gucharmap, but without recommended deps such as gobject-introspection
> >and nautilus, so for the moment I cannot tag them).  Some things I
> >cannot test, e.g. cheese (needs a supported movie camera, I think)
> I can test cheese.
> >and the networkmanager applet (no wifi on my machines running 7.8,
> >and similarly I built NetworkManager itself for *latest* plasma but
> >without trying to *use* it I do not regard that as a sufficient test
> >of whether or not it works - after all, it's primary purpose is for
> >wifi).
> I can look.  I added a wifi card to my test system and find it reasonably
> quick.  I also do not have to worry about pulling ethernet cable between
> rooms.
> >But then I looked at the gnome runtime deps - I see totem-pl-parser,
> >and I remember it from when I used (or, at some times, *tried* to
> >use) totem.  But AFAICS nothing *directly* references it (totem, and
> >its string of dependencies, have been archived).
> >
> >So, if I were to build everything from the gnome packages, how would
> >I know if totem-pl-parser is working ?
> gnome/applications/brasero.xml:      <xref linkend="totem-pl-parser"/>

Thanks, I wonder why my grep didn't get that.  A 3 years old post on
linuxquestions suggests that totem-pl-parser can be omitted if
--disable-playlist is passed to brasero, so presumably it is
something to do with adding playlists.  I suppose it is possible to
provide a playlist and use that to control what gets put onto the

I should also mention that the post at linuxquestions was about
brasero *not* building if totem-pl-parser was already installed -
hopefully, that problem is long gone.

> However I don't know what I'd need to do to actually *use* totem-pl-parser.
> Generally for libraries I consider the build successful if it is properly
> linked to parent apps.  It's really upstream's job to do detailed testing.
>   -- Bruce

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