[blfs-dev] BLFS 7.8 Status - September 22

James Powell maduinthemarauder at gmail.com
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Apologizes for the top reply, but my web client is throwing a tantrum.

Bruce, I think Plasma5 can honestly wait. It's still fairly new, and like KDE4 when it originally came out, had terrible problems.

I wouldn't exclude it, but leaving in the developer book only might be wise. The KDE5 Frameworks and other application packages work well enough, and can be used with any other Desktop Environment  without penalty.

If it's any consolation, LFS isn't alone in problems with Plasma5. Other distributions have issues too. Slackware has some pre-release packages but it's a very lackluster desktop. It's very akin to the Gnome3 problem. The apps are nice but the desktop sucks, to be blunt.

Mate and Trinity Desktops could always be looked into, and there is always Enlightenment, but KDE4 and Xfce have proven themselves well enough, in my humble opinion. I have yet to build LXQt yet, but I am looking forward to it.

Anyways, good job B/LFS developers. Can't wait for 7.8 to arrive and start a new project. Looking forward to it. Many thanks.


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Status as of Sep 22

We have 53 packages left to tag: gnome 28, lxqt 22, network manager, 
bind, and lxdm.

There are three tickets outstanding.  I am unsure of plasma.  It can be 
built, but crashes, at least on my system.

I accidentally committed the plasma page before it was ready, so I 
updated it with a big warning and lots of caveats.  If we can't get it 
to work, then we can remove it for release.

   -- Bruce

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