[blfs-dev] KF5-intro

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Tue Sep 29 06:40:54 PDT 2015


I may be missing something, but I do not understand the
/etc/profile.d file in the KF5_PREFIX=/usr case:
I see for example:
pathappend /usr/lib/qt5/plugins    QT_PLUGIN_PATH
pathappend $QT5DIR/lib/qt5/plugins QT_PLUGIN_PATH

- the second line is the same as the preceding one if QT5DIR=/usr
(no problem, the pathappend function avoids duplicates).
- the second line point to a non existent directory if QT5DIR=/opt/qt5.
|||In this case|, the existent directory with the same name is

Did you mean "$QT5DIR/plugins" (and same in the following lines?).
For LXQt, I will soon begin building kf5, with KF5_PREFIX=/usr and
QT5_PREFIX=/opt/qt5. Is it an already tested configuration?



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