Shutting Down Xwindows

sambc at sambc at
Tue Apr 10 17:06:57 PDT 2001

>"SamBC" <sambc at> writes:

>Actually, it is quite bothersome. It also doesn't look like you're
>using OE; from the headers of the message I originally replied to,
>you're using something called PlusMail.

Ah, forgot I sometimes use my ISP webmail - that is awful, adn I am only using it now because my PC was stolen last night and I am having to use Uni PC Labs...

>Gnus under XEmacs. Mutt under *nix reached via telnet/ssh. Both will
>deal with large backlogs of mail in any of the standard Unix mail
>formats; this may or may not help if you're migrating from OE.=20

So does OE dump to *NIX files? Not that it matters now as the old emails are on the computer that was nicked, and the hardrive is in all probability at the bottom of a river...

>Oh, and I didn't "demand" anything, and I think I was reasonably
>polite. After I answered your original question, I requested that you
>fix some problems in your mail. Note the "please" and "thanks".

I might've misinterpreted it, especially as I thought it was OE at fault not this awful webmail. I'm also a lot more philosophical after the breakin :o)


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